black lives DONT matter!!!

*Phone buzzes* Notification reads “(Insert police officer(s) name) found not guilty in the death of (insert person of color name)”– NO CONVICTION I find myself becoming desensitized to these notifications– DAMN! Is this what “they” want? For me to become immune? Is this the “system” working effectively? More protest? Should we talk about it? Who’s … More black lives DONT matter!!!

I’m Gay

Oh shit, what the hell did I just do… I got your attention– job halfway done. So you’re probably wondering what this is about, because people nosey– spoiler alert– I’m not gay. I know, very misleading title (marketing genius), but keep reading, let me enlighten you because I can assure you my insecure, immature, non-seeking … More I’m Gay


Who Are You? I want you to think about your life up until now. Think about the community you grew up in, the schools you went to, the things you were taught, the people you saw, the one’s you interacted with & developed meaningful relationships with, the activities you were involved in, the foods you ate, the … More Views