black lives DONT matter!!!

*Phone buzzes* Notification reads “(Insert police officer(s) name) found not guilty in the death of (insert person of color name)”– NO CONVICTION

I find myself becoming desensitized to these notifications– DAMN!

Is this what “they” want? For me to become immune? Is this the “system” working effectively?

More protest? Should we talk about it? Who’s going to listen– feels like we’re just talking to ourselves at times. Better question, who’s going to do something– you?

Let me stop ranting and get back to this week’s round table discussion.


Me– Bill, you’re up 1st, care to remind people what started all this drama with you?

Bill– I attempted to buy NBC– for the second time. I wanted to give people quality tv and surround myself with “good people” who could help run the network.

Me– Now Bill, you know “they” weren’t about to let you do that– all the positive shows you created and then used to influence black/American culture (Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, The Cosby Show, A Different World).

Me– Not to mention your political stance against conservative Republicans– “in regards to their views on socioeconomic and racial issues”. Let’s not forget your public remarks, which have been critical of African Americans who put higher priorities on sports, fashion, and “acting hard” than on education, self-respect, and self-improvement. So they dug up some things from your past.

Me– Speaking of sports… Colin do you want to chime in, remind the group what you did?

Colin– I kneeled during the National Anthem, as a means of peaceful protest– in order to bring awareness to the unarmed and unjustified killings of people of color in the United States, as well as the systematic oppression that makes life difficult for those same people.

Me– That’s admirable, using your platform and American right to bring awareness to those who don’t have a voice, but are deeply impacted by this. This is what the flag represents right– the freedom to do so? All Lives Matter, do any of you have anything to say?

All Lives Matter– *crickets*

Me– Figures. Anyway Nupe, how’s the offseason going, heard from any teams yet?

Colin– Not one, but the NFL PR systems keeps pushing out propaganda saying “several teams are interested”. Pete Carroll even said I was a starter in this league.

Me– Didn’t the Seahawks sign another backup quarterback right after that statement though… and haven’t 20 other quarterbacks been signed so far and still no offer?

Colin– Well… yeah.

Me– Hold up– *phone buzzes* *New Notification*


Welp, another one.

MeWould the “No Conviction Victims” section like to say anything?

Philando Castile
Trayvon Martin
Sandra Bland
Kathryn Johnston
Sean Bell
Eric Garner
Rekia Boyd
Amadou Diallo
Mike Brown
Kimani Gray
Kenneth Chamberlain
Travares McGill
Tamir Rice
Alyana Stanley-Jones
Freddie Gray
Alton Sterlin


Me– They can’t… they’re ALL DEAD!

It doesn’t matter that Philando Castile was licensed to carry and that he told the officer he was LEGALLY carrying a firearm– as he attempted to get other documentation requested by the officer. Nor does it matter that he didn’t have a criminal record. It also doesn’t matter that the officer fired 7 shots (5 into him) after panicking — into a car which also had his girlfriend on the passenger side and her 4-year-old daughter in the back seat.

Me– NRA y’all got something y’all want to say?

NRA– *crickets*

Me– … not even a statement, I wonder why, but where was I…

It doesn’t matter that Sandra Bland was an EDUCATED BLACK WOMAN, that became somewhat irate after being pulled over for failing to signal when changing lanes. Or that because the officer couldn’t handle her “sassiness” that he ILLEGALLY arrested her– where she subsequently died in jail.

It doesn’t matter that despite Eric Garner’s cry for help, due to lack of oxygen from an ILLEGAL chokehold– and because he was a BIG BLACK MAN–  he was still considered a threat for selling loose cigarettes.

It doesn’t matter that despite being pinned down to the ground and having both arms restrained by officers while laying on his back– that once a gun was spotted on Alton Sterling– the officer panicked and immediately drew his gun firing into the victim, claiming the VICTIM was reaching for his gun.

It doesn’t matter that Tamir Rice was just a 12-year old kid playing with a toy gun, that looked real (thanks, toy manufacturer). Nor does it matter that the caller told the police dispatcher, in a calm voice, how he thought the person was just a “juvenile” (KID) and how the gun was probably not real. It doesn’t matter how this information was not relayed to the officers dispatched to the scene and how “ the whole interaction lasted less than two seconds” after the officer left the car– before the boy was told to put down his gun and before the officer began firing. 2 SECONDS– shorter than it took you to read this one sentence– DAMN!

It doesn’t matter that Trayvon Martin only wanted a pack of skittles and an iced tea, at night, while wearing a hoodie and of course… he was BLACK. It didn’t matter that despite Zimmerman being told not to pursue by the police dispatcher, that he decided to act on his own agenda.


*phone buzzes* *New Notification*Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 10.02.09 AM.png


*scratches head*

I know… I know.

Turns on tv – “Outrage”, “Senators call for Trump to take action”, “How could this happen”, “America should take action”, “WAR!!!” 

Really… people want to take action and got the nerve to troll with the word “war”– over this shit? Listen, I’m sorry to hear that Otto Warmbier passed away after being returned to the US, prior to being detained by North Korea for breaking its country law, despite how trivial it may be– welcome to our lives. Here’s the kicker, it doesn’t matter how rich or poor we are either– ain’t that right Lebron?

Lebron– Yeah, my house was vandalized with racist graffiti last month.

Me– What’s your net worth?

Lebron– $275 million, according to Forbes

Me– Bill, Colin?

Bill– $400 million

Colin– $22 million

*Cole walks in*

Me– Jermaine, “What’s the price for a black man life?”

Jermaine– “I check the toe tag, not one zero in sight.”

Me– Well I’ll be damn because it’s some people of color out here who still don’t understand that– and by that I mean, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, where you live, who you know, what you do– if shit ever hits the fan, the one constant that will remain no matter what is that you’re BLACK— and it shouldn’t be that way– my how far we’ve come.

It’s like we’re expendable– “of little significance when compared to an overall purpose, and therefore able to be abandoned“– and that’s not the case.

Michelle– Preach!

Obama– Right, because I was President and you should have seen the things they posted and said about me.



Shaking my muthafuckin head, I quit googling.

Me– Settle down everybody, let’s not SET SHIT OFF like I know everybody wants to. It’s not all of them– we know!!!– but the wrong ones aren’t being held accountable and they work in congruence with these police officers, lawmakers, politicians, and other wrongdoers to maintain this balance of power.

Colin– So what do we do?

Me– Nupe… we continue to work with those who do understand that there is a system set in place to hold down and divide different minorities. WE work to remove– city by city– process by process– piece by piece– all that oppose our NATURAL rights (fuck them American rights) and stand in the way of progress. WE teach our children and peers their rights and stand in unison when we see one of us being wrongly persecuted– because popular to contrary belief, we as a minority (and I ain’t talking race)– are the MAJORITY. WE don’t let the death of our brothers and sister, mothers and fathers, nieces and nephews, uncles and aunts go down in vain. WE show them while black lives DON’T matter to some… that BLACK LIVES WILL MEAN EVERYTHING TO ALL IN FUTURE GENERATIONS TO COME… AND IT AIN’T DAMN THING THEY CAN DO TO STOP THAT!

*phone buzzes* No notification this time

Me– That’s all the time for today’s discussion y’all. I know we didn’t get to everybody, but don’t worry, we’ll get there soon!






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