Spoken Word – (Baby Boy)

Listening to music– an everyday occurrence for me and felt compelled to write something to Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover’s Baby Boy (<— link provided)


Nearsighted, farsighted… lack of hindsight, but maybe tonight (naw)

I know you wanna go fast, but sometimes what we want from the past

Is right there in front of us– not figuratively, but literally

Too bad society got you believing it’s somewhere else

Too bad society got you feeling that you gotta be someone else

All of us from Virginia, don’t you remember?

July baby, but I really came after September

But that still don’t explain my love for water

And no matter which way a peninsula is pointed it’s still surrounded by some water

Resumes without names– wonder how many would get hired just off credentials

Most positions temporary anyway, no need to be judgmental

I say church– they say teach!

I say church– they say reach!

I say church– they say preach!

I say church– *service over, looks around at the empty building*– church???

Church service only last 2 hours out of the week — 1 percent

Funny how most want to live like the — but give 1 percent

And it ain’t just what you do inside them walls…

But the work on the outside– that gets us that late night call


But maybe tonight… a lack of hindsight

Can serve me better for what was once sighted from afar, but is now near my site

Let’s not think about the past, I know you wanna move fast

And not just literally, but to what awaits us– figuratively

If society could force us apart, somewhere else– that would be too bad

If we both had someone else, society a just say too bad

 I remember… you asked me was I from Virginia

Born in June– I came right after, a product of post-September

That’s a 6 and a 9– so divine

Guess that explains my love for water

Separated by all this land, yet we both live by water

Everybody got credentials, but they ain’t got my name

And I think it goes without saying– I am not the same

 I say church– they say yes!

I say church– they say confess!

I say church– they say blessed!

I say church– *organ starts back playing, choir gets back up*– church!!!

Ain’t it funny how black churches always go over time– 99 percent

And how everybody could use some prayer cuz lord knows we’ve all sinned– 99 percent

But it ain’t just how we praise God on the inside

It’s the praise and work on the outside– that gets us to the other side


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