Accident Report – 6:04 PM ET

You ever look back at some of the things you used to do and say to yourself, “what the hell was I thinking?” You know, the things you probably shouldn’t have done, and although you may have regretted them shortly afterward you kind of just kept going, not really understanding the lesson to be learned or realizing how they could have been avoided altogether. Oh, you haven’t been there yet, keep living like the old folks say. I won’t really go into details about what caused me to look into my rear view mirror, but it was definitely long overdue. I probably should have paid attention to the dashboard of lights going off a few cities back, but I wasn’t really equipped with the knowledge I know now.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 3.34.18 PM

Warning lights are meant to alert people of potential problems, that if addressed within a reasonable time frame, can prevent more serious problems from occurring, as well as making your journey much smoother. Not to say that you won’t encounter obstacles. However, most times, depending on our own negligence or lack of knowledge (maturity) at the time, we don’t really pay them any attention. We get caught up with other passengers in the car, other times we’re multi-tasking, fumbling with the phone and not really directing our full attention to the road. Sometimes the problems start before we even get in the car, or maybe we underestimate the time it will take for us to reach our destination, so we speed. Regardless of the issues, we can minimize the distractions and chance of risk if we really pay attention to and address the warning signs.


You ever experienced road rage or driven while drunk? The picture above might look similar if you have and sadly, I’ve experienced both once upon a time. While seldom, road rage (altercations) might occur during times of congested traffic (being too busy), being cut off (communication), or even just being a passenger and not liking the way the person whom you’re riding with is driving at times (bad habits). Becoming engulfed in one of more of these scenarios, our road rager presents the threat of causing chaos on the road, impacting not just those inside the car, but also those who come in close vicinity of the vehicle. This can create a toxic environment. Valuing one’s own safety (sanity), both nearby drivers and passengers currently inside the vehicle can become defensive. Frustrated and angry, road ragers, as well as drunk drivers often find themselves becoming disoriented and if not careful, losing control of the car (situation). Combine this with some previously mentioned warning lights and this could turn into a deadly situation, in which one might find themselves with more than just a ticket (lesson learned), but potentially causing an accident (hurting someone).


Apologizing usually does little to comfort someone after something is done. The damage is already done and our actions not only impact us, but also those who were with and around us. While some accidents can be minor with quick recovery time, others can last much longer, and sometimes be lifelong, and for what? Because we were in a rush and didn’t know how to handle the terrain better. Because we didn’t address the warning signs and make the necessary adjustments. Because we were too selfish to tell the passenger to get out the car, knowing we were a reckless driver. So many reasons, but regardless of what it was, the accident itself could have probably been avoided. To make things worse, sometimes people don’t even realize that they were hurt. So what do you do? The truth is most people won’t say anything unless they’re caught speeding or pulled over for a minor violation. It takes a special person, for lack of better words, to admit something after the fact. It’s kind of like the people that turn themselves into the police, even though the police didn’t know they were the ones who did something.


The past serves as a reminder of the places we’ve been and for so many, it often reminds us of both the good and bad experiences. While it can hurt at times to reminisce on mistakes and poor choices we’ve made, as long as the road ahead of us doesn’t go off a cliff, we can always alter our course. This applies to dead ends too. Some of us are even fortunate enough to circle back. The side rear view mirrors are symbolic in the fact that they only show us a partial picture. However, the center rear view mirror allows us to not just observe where we’ve come from, but also to view the passengers whom we care about and who are on the journey with us. It also doesn’t take away from you viewing the road in front of you (your future). Just make sure you plan ahead of times to avoid rushing or forgetting something, check your warnings lights, control your road rage and never drink and drive. Lol, also don’t drive the car down to E, it’s ok to refill before the needle gets on the wrong side. Lastly, enjoy the journey and never take it for granted because you never know when the ride might be over.


A lil driving music…

  1. Slide – Frank Ocean Featuring Young Thug
  2. Drive Slow- Kanye West Featuring Paul Wall
  3. Khalid- Location
  4. Life – Big K.R.I.T.
  5. Country Rap Tunes – Big K.R.I.T.
  6. Rise Above – J. Cole
  7. The Heart Part 4 – Kendrick Lamar
  8. Rose Golden – Kid Cudi Featuring Willow Smith
  9. Objects in the Mirror – Mac Miller
  10. Oh My Dis Side – Travis Scott Featuring Quavo

I got too much music (over 7K songs), but these should do.


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