Change for a Dollar

Smh, that’s all I can do

But anyway let me say my prayer

I pray…

That I’ll never forget where I come from

And the struggles I’ve experienced

And how I just want a better life, though I’ll never forget this life

So it’s up to me to hold myself accountable when I can help

Those I see struggling too and show the drive such as myself

The ones who too have laid down a plan to get out of the struggle and be more

More than what their current surrounding produces

More than what people feel they should limit themselves too

More than what those same people tell them they should do

No, please never let me be one of those people

Let me never get so high, that I feel a sense of elevation

Like the only way for me to relate is through a revelation

No, keep me humble and allow me to help when possible

To be a voice of positivity for those who want to achieve the impossible

To be more than what they thought you could only do

To never change up for a dollar and act brand new



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