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Growing your site can be exciting, to say the least, especially as you begin to acquire more followers. However, for the technically uninclined, I want to share a few pointers to avoid some common issues you might face. Today I’ll cover emails.

  • Email Notification

As your site begins to grow with content and users, you will begin to experience an influx of email notifications, which can be both good and overwhelming. Speaking personally, I enjoy receiving the new follower subscription emails, as well as learning about newly published material from the people I follow. However, my primary inbox can quickly become congested and make things difficult to find bills and other personal emails I might be expecting. Given that people use multiple email services (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.)  I will simply post an outline of what you should do.

  1. Create a folder and title it something such as “Blogs”
  2. Create a filter that directs all emails from a particular account to that folder
  3. Apply that filter to all email accounts you want to go into that folder

You can dive deeper into creating subfolders if you like, and even apply this technique to other areas, such as filtering your work email from different people you communicate with frequently or even customer accounts.


Healthcare Team (use this for general info that is sent to your team)

Team Member Alex

Team Member Chris

Team Member Alice (if you and your team interact a lot and you don’t want a particular team member email to get lost, create a subfolder under your overarching team group, that way you can easily dive down and see what is sent.

If the steps above still aren’t straight-forward, then google “filtering email” followed by the email service provider you use or even watch a video on YouTube. I hope this was helpful. I’ll be sure to post other tips, should I encounter things moving forward.


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