Spoken Word – (Humble)

Ultimate satisfaction is best achieved while listening to Humble (Listen once before proceeding below if you haven’t already then hit repeat. Now this time you provide the ENERGY, follow the script & stay on beat lol)

For you non-abiding people, just consider it poetry which in it’s truest form it is.

*Starts Humble x Kendrick Lamar*


“….. Yeah, Yeah”

Yo, I remember when I had a voice but wasn’t using it

Now I do and people telling me that I am losing it

Got me thinking to myself “I swear they wanna limit me”

People see you shining when they ain’t I call it jealousy

What I got to post next to bridge the f*ckin disconnect

Maybe a bad b*tch on da gram with the pay—-check

I swear that you n****s lost but no I will not lead you

I got too much on my plate and no I will not feed you

Had to switch the style up just to let you n****s KNOW

Real rap come from poets but deez new n****s don’t KNOW

Claim you dropping knowledge, you ain’t drop shit but a QUOTE

The ship is sinking fast I hope you taught them how to FLOAT


Ambidextrous with the writing this just a change up

So versatile, I’m switching styles like a holiday

Spring training over, it’s go time, b*tch, be humble

*Listens to chorus*
*picks back up at 1:31 mark for those who get caught up in the chorus*


Who these crooked politicians helping, no one (no one)

Running side deals just to build up they trust fund (trust fund)

Get the fuck off my ballot, who are you

I’m independent I did not vote for you

I’m so fuckin sick and tired of the politics

Give the people something they can use and add to they life

Give the women more than just a media day for women rights

Hitting on every thought within and I ain’t even started shit, yo

This that 2-0-5 shit, yo, caught you by surprise shit, yo

Do you see what I did, yo, I am such an ill kid, yo

I made me a new game, yo, I call this my yo-yo, yo

3 times for the wildest, yo, my frat is the livest, yo,

This that I’m so smart, boy you ignant’, contradict, yo

I created art, these just benefits, yo

If I start a riot, it won’t be a peaceful 1, yo

I’m Nat Turner with the pen, b*tch, be humble



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