G.O.O.D. Music

So I was listening music (something I do every day) when I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be fun to make a story using only music lyrics”. I have too much music to attempt that without omitting someone, so I decided to use Kanye. With over 200 songs (14 Hours & 40 Minute to be exact) I knew I would have enough content & more than enough personality. So below is a little story I put together using only Ye’s lyrics, enjoy.

Now let the story begin – (Big Brother)
Sun coming up, 5 a.m. – (No Church In the Wild)
I wake up, all veggies no eggs – (30 Hours)
I drink a Boost for breakfast, an Ensure for dessert – (Through the Wire)
Eating good, vegetarian with the brown rice – (Don’t Like)
I’m going Bobby Boucher – (New Slaves)
I thought I chose a field where they couldn’t sack me – (Gorgeous)
The concept of school seems so securr – (All Falls Down)
That shit cray, that shit cray, that shit cray – (N*ggas in Paris)
This the real world, homie school finished – (Gorgeous)
Uh, they don’t see what I’m sayin’ – (I’m in It)

Let me show you what I see when my eyes closed – (Murder to Excellence)
I don’t need writers, I might bounce ideas – (Barry Bonds)
But only I could come up with some shit like this – (Barry Bonds)
Got treasures in my mind but couldn’t open up my own vault – (Power)
Reality is catching up with me – (Power)
And I still won’t grow up, I’m a grown-ass kid – (Through the Wire)
This little light of mine and I’m finna let it shine – (Hey Mama)
I’ve been woken from enlightened man’s dream – (Saint Pablo)

Started a little blog just to get some traffic – (Made In America)
And I’m about to take it to another level, bitch – (Monster)
You see, if you ever wanted to ever be anything – (Bring Me Down)
There’d always be somebody that shoot down any dream – (Bring Me Down)
There’ll always be haters, that’s the way it is – (Bring Me Down)
The system’s working effectively, that’s why! – (Murder to Excellence)
… I’m surviving – (Power)
So don’t worry about me, I’m fine – (Saint Pablo)

Millions of our people lost – (Who Gon Stop Me)
Heard about at least three killings this afternoon – (Murder to Excellence)
Man it’s so hard not to act reckless – (Can’t Tell Me Nothing)
I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly past the sky – (Spaceship)
I was drinking earlier, now I’m driving – (Power)
While y’all on ten, I’m on eleven – (Gifted)
Sunglasses and Advil, Last night was mad real – (No Church in the Wild)

I was thinking, hypothetically – (Addiction)
If Magic Johnson got a cure for AIDS – (Roses)
Where the bad bitches, huh? Where you hiding? – (Power)
Gotta keep ‘em separated, I call that apartheid – (Blood on the Leaves)
Shut down the whole party – (Freestyle 4)
I mean don’t take this seriously – (Addiction)
I be saying how I feel at the wrong time – (Feeback)
Ooh they so sensitive – (Can’t Tell Me Nothing)

Uh, picked up where we left off – (I’m in It)
Middle America packed in – (Black Skinhead)
The next generation will be the real victims – (No More Parties in LA)
Hey teacher teacher, tell me how do you respond to students? – (Dark Fantasy)
To whom much is given, much is tested – (Can’t Tell Me Nothing)
It’s something that the pastor don’t preach – (No Church in the Wild)
It’s something that a teacher can’t teach – (No Church in the Wild)
I know I’m preaching to the congregation- (Devil in a New Dress)

Paper read “murder, black-on-black murder” – (Murder to Excellence)
And tell me that it’s random – (Gorgeous)
Black on black lies is worse than black on black crime – (Saint Pablo)
I guess they want us all behind bars, I know it – (Heard Em Say)
Like I ain’t got enough pressure to deal with – (Real Friends)
Sometimes I feel the music is the only medicine – (Crack Music)
No matter what, you’ll never take that from me – (Amazing)
Cause ain’t nothing on the news but the blues – (Murder to Excellence)

Lord please let them accept the things they can’t change – (Otis)
Sun don’t shine in the shade – (Waves)
They want something new, so let’s get reacquainted – (Barry Bonds)
Ayy, y’all heard about the good news? – (Feedback)
You can still be who you wish you is – (I Wonder)
I fantasized bout this back in Chicago – (Dark Fantasy)
Fore the day I die, I’ma touch the sky – (Touch The Sky)
The only thing I pray is that my feet don’t fail me now – (Jesus Walks)

I know damn well y’all feeling this shit – (Power)
And I’ll never let my son have an ego – (New Day)
Until you have a daughter that’s what I call karma – (We Major)
That’ll be the same day I give the game back – (Never Let Me Down)
I’m so live with it, look how I did it – (Late)
Man, why can’t life always be this easy? – (Flashing Lights)
I guess I’m getting high off my own supply – (Made In America)

Got a dark-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson – (Slow Jamz)
Went from bein a broke man to bein a dopeman – (Crack Music)
Everybody want it but it ain’t that serious – (Champion)
When he came in the game, he made his own lane – (Diamonds from Sierra Leone)
And held it til the right time – (I’m in It)
You need to pump your brakes and drive slow, homie – (Drive Slow)
Cop lights, flash lights, spotlights, strobe lights, street lights (All of the Lights)
Fast life, drug life, thug life, rock life, every night – (All of the Lights)
We buy our way out of jail, but we can’t buy freedom – (All Falls Down)
No you’re not perfect but you’re not your mistakes – (Only One)

She got a light-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson – (Slow Jamz)
Lost in this plastic life – (Lost in the World)
Oh, the good outweighs the bad even on your worst day – (Only One)
I know this world is changing – (Amazing)
That’s just the wave – (Waves)
Let’s break out of this fake-ass party – (Lost in the World)
You worry bout the wrong things, the wrong things – (Paranoid)
Every time I talk they say I’m too aggressive – (Facts)
I guess I’ll understand when I get more older – (Big Brother)

I just need to clear my mind now – (Blood on the Leaves)
It’s been racin’ since the summertime – (Blood on the Leaves)
I guess that’s why last winter she got so cold on me – (Homecoming)
They say people in your life are seasons – (Heard Em Say)
Look back on my life like the Ghost of Christmas Past – (Through the Wire)
I’m living in the future so the present is my past – (Monster)
The clock’s ticking, I just count the hours – (Power)

What I’m dealing with is too real for me to comment on – (Deuces Remix)
Got friends that ask me for money knowin’ I’m in debt – (Saint Pablo)
To be honest, dawg, I ain’t feelin’ your energy – (Real Friends)
Most blacks with money have been beaten to submission – (Saint Pablo)
It’s in a black person soul to rock that gold- (Diamonds from Sierra Leone)
If I knew what I knew in the past – (Black Skinhead)
I would have been blacked out on your ass – (Black Skinhead)

Some people graduate, but be still stupid – (Good Morning)
I know Spike Lee gon’ kill me, but let me finish – (Clique)
Most black men couldn’t balance a checkbook – (Saint Pablo)
But we can make it to Jacob’s and to the dealership – (Never Let Me Down)
Buy a new car, talkin’ bout “how my neck look” – (Saint Pablo)
The Jews share their truth on how to make a dime – (Saint Pablo)
And I vow that my child will be well endowed – (Celebration)
Forever ever? Forever Ever? Ever, Ever? Ever, Ever? (Diamonds from Sierra Leone)
Uh, I’m finna start a new movement – (I’m in It)
And I was thinking ’bout starting up my own school – (Blessings)
I done told y’all, all I needed was the infrastructure – (Facts)

God show me the way because the Devil tryna break me down. – (Jesus Walks)
Well Imma levitate, make the devil wait, yeah! – (Hell of a Life)
I gotta testify – (Touch the Sky)
I know I got angels watching me from the other side – (Never Let Me Down)
Is hip hop just a euphemism for a new religion? – (Gorgeous)
You ever wonder what it all really mean? – (I Wonder)
Don’t worry about what we can’t control – (Paranoid)
I just want to feel liberated – (Father I Stretch My Hands Pt. 1)

Befo’ I had it, I closed my eyes and imagined the good life – (Good Life)
Life a marathon – (Highlights)
And anything that happen is for a reason – (Heard Em Say)
I love it though – (Devil In a New Dress)
And we about it let it flooooow – (Celebration)
This is more than just my road to redemption – (Gorgeous)
But they gon’ have to take my life ‘fore they take my drive – (Bring Me Down)
I guess, this is my dissertation – (Good Morning)
I do it for the forefathers, yeah, the street authors – (The Joy)
Just throw this at the end if I’m too late for the intro – (Late)
Bad enough that I showed up late – (Welcome to Heartbreak)
Been bullshittin’ but I finally arrived with it – (Late)
So goodnight, cruel world, I’ll see you in the morning – (Power)


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